Talking Bathroom Scale Review: My Weigh XL-550

For people who need a bathroom scale with a higher weight-measuring capacity and want to avoid the hassle of looking at the LCD screen to get their weight reading, a talking bathroom scale is just perfect. The talking function is also very useful for visually impaired users.

While they stand still on the wide and large platform, the scale can read out their measurements aloud so they won’t have to look at the LCD display. If this sounds ideal for you, My Weigh XL-550 is just the right scale for you to get.

However, before you decide to purchase it, here is a brief review of this talking bathroom scale highlighting its features and other aspects.

Features of My Weigh XL-550


Apart from the fact that it is a talking bathroom scale, My Weigh XL-550 also has a number of other remarkable features to offer that you will find helpful. Let’s take a look at these features:

• Talking Function – The most distinguishable feature of this scale is its talking function that can be switched on and off at will. Once you stand on the platform and your weight is measured, a very clear voice will read it out loud so that you don’t have to bend and look at the LCD screen.

• Precision and Accuracy – This scale is designed specifically for heavyset people, providing them best accuracy and precision. The scale can measure to the nearest 0.2 pounds allowing you to keep a closer check on your weight.

• Higher Weight Capacity – Unlike many bathroom scales that usually offer a maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds, this scale can easily measure weight up to 550 pounds without facing any damage.

• Larger Platform – Since this talking bathroom scale is designed for heavier people, it also considers the fact that they would need a larger space to stand on. Therefore, it offers one of the biggest platforms available in the market today with 14.7” x 12.5” dimensions.

• LCD Screen – For those who don’t like the idea of their weight being called out loud in certain situations, they can use the LCD screen. Simply switch off the talking function and the large LCD screen will display your readings in a readable 1.5” font.

• Multiple Measuring Units – The scale allows you to measure weight in different measuring units including pounds and kilograms.

The scale is shipped with the batteries included so that you can use it right away while a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty is also provided.

Customer Reviews

With almost 1000 reviews and a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating, My Weigh XL-550 is a much preferred product on Amazon, especially by those who are overweight and need a heavy duty scale. According to customers, the scale is very accurate when used correctly, but you have to stand still until the weight is measured. Customers regard it as a wonderful talking bathroom scale for people that want to manage their weight.


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