The Body Fat Scale that you should own



Our lives becomes more and more connected with our devices and this enables us to keep track more closely to what really matters in our lives. A good body fat scale, as the name already describes it, will help a lot to measure not just your weight but also the fat content of your body.

The principle is pretty easy: when you get up on the scale (bare foot) a small intensity electrical current is sent from one foot and travels trough your body to the other foot. As it is a known fact that fat is a poor electricity conductor (compared to muscle or bones), the scale will measure that electrical current at the arrival and estimate the fat content. Easy isn’t it?

Compared measurements revealed that this method is accurate for 80% of the cases and even better for the estimates targeted to the lower body. But anyway if you track your progress this is a great and a cheaper option than going to x-rays or a hydrostatic weighing.

Based on the fact that the place that you measure is the place that will give you results, such a body fat scale is a great idea even if you are a fitness enthusiast or you are just careful about your health. The excess fat in your body may cause a bunch of  problems like heart diseases, hypertension or diabetes.

FitBit Aria WI-FI Smart Scale – The Ideal Body Fat Scale

We fall in love with the Fitbit Aria as it comes from such an innovative and successful company. Fitbit is practically the most successful company on the activity tracker wearables, so the infrastructure and the knowhow was already there. This enabled them to produce one of the best body fat scales available on the market.

As you would expect the connectivity of this scale and its tracking features are top shelf. It will easily connect to WI-FI in your house making it available on your laptop, tablet or smartphone using the Fitbit app or online in your Fitbit account.

Fit bit Aria Body Fat Scale

Fitbit desktop

Fitbit weight app

this remarkable scale is ideal when it comes to keeping a complete online record of your fitness vitals for athletic or health purposes. If you are wondering what is so good about this scale, here is a list of some of its more noticeable features:

• It measures your weight, body mass index and body fat percentage to the most accurate level that we found.

• The scale keeps a track of your data based on your profile making it available for the entire family. It will support up to eight different users that can use this scale to keep track of their progress separately, all of which is stored in password protected accounts.

• Records your data and sends it to your personal account at, transferring all your data via Wi-Fi.

• The website and mobile app of FitBit allows you to access your data from anywhere anytime and represents it in the form of graphs and charts so that it can be easily understood.

• If you are using other wearables made by Fitbit you will have all this information in one place so your progress is realy visible.

The method of choosing the right Body Fat Scale

When selecting a body fat scale, you need to take into consideration two factors: accuracy and the price tag. Finding a scale that not just fits your needs but also fits your budget can be a bit tricky as these scales usually cost a bit more compared to the classical scales.

We went through different body fat scales and reviewed them provided to get an idea of which one delivers on their promise. This is not a buy that you will make every week so our advice is not to go cheap on this. We stopped and reviewed for you the best option available now and this is the Fitbit Aria body fat scale.

Buying the Best Glass Kitchen Scale for Your Kitchen

Glass Kitchen ScaleWhen it comes to buying kitchen scales, you can get a number of different products that are suitable for your convenience.

However, the best part about purchasing a glass kitchen scale is the stylish design it offers, that adds to your kitchen’s elegance. With the sleek and stylish glass scales now available readily in the market, you can easily get one that you like.

Before you purchase a glass kitchen scale, there is one thing you should always consider carefully. The glass platform should be durable and reliable so that it does not break easily in case of an accident. For this reason, when you plan to buy a glass scale for your kitchen, make sure it comes from a trustable manufacturer with a warranty.

Also, review the technologies used in the scale carefully to ensure that the scale is not just long-lasting but accurate as well. Today, you can easily find kitchen scales that use the most sophisticated of technologies to give accurate, precise and convenient function.

Best Glass Kitchen Scale

For those who are planning to get a glass kitchen scale for their use, here is a review of the top two great scales available in the market:

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale with Tempered Glass in Black

Featuring four High-Precision Sensors, this digital kitchen scale can provide you with highly accurate measurements for weight between 0.1 ounces and 17.6 pounds. The platform has two touch-sensitive buttons and a big backlit LCD screen for measurement display. The measurements you can see on this display are lb., oz., fl.oz kg., g., fl.oz., and ml. The thin glass platform is made from reflective black tempered glass that is four times stronger than ordinary glass.

An automatic tare feature allows you to weight without accounting for the container’s weight. The scale operates on two lithium batteries that are included with the scale shipment. The automatic turn-off features switches off the scale after two minutes to preserve battery life. At a price of $19.95, the Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is definitely a great glass kitchen scale you can get.

Salter 3003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale

Another remarkable glass kitchen scale that you can get without having any doubts about its performance or durability is the Salter 3003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale. The scale features Salter’s Strain-Gauge Weight Sensing System that gives you perfectly accurate readings with an incremental value of 1/8 ounces or 2 grams. The scale can measure up to 11 pounds of weight and provide reading in units including lbs., oz., kg., g., fl.oz., and ml.

The platform is made of a strong and tempered glass while the base is stainless steel. The stain-resistant, easy-to-clean glass and steel structure allows you to weight ingredients directly on the platform or in a bowl. The add-and-weight feature allows you to subtract the weight of bowl conveniently. With a large LCD display and an included lithium battery, this is another ideal glass kitchen scale you can buy, available for $31.22.


Kitchen scales reviews

Kitchen Scales ReviewsIf you are planning to get a kitchen scale for personal use, you can find a lot of options available in the market.

Great for baking, where every ingredient needs to be in the perfect proportion: from flower to baking powder, and also very useful when you embark on a diet and need to carefully monitor protein vs carbs intake, according to many different kitchen scales reviews, you can get fairly accurate and precise readings if you get the right scale.

First, however, you need to decide whether your want a simple mechanical scale, a digital scale or a nutrition scale for your kitchen. Depending on what choice, you can purchase one of the three scales reviewed below that are the best in their respective categories.

Kitchen Scales Reviews: Top 3 Best Scales

Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale

According to many kitchen scales reviews, the Ozeri Pro II is one of the best scales in the digital scale category available in the market. The scale can measure weight from 0.05 ounces to 12 pounds with complete accuracy. It also features a tare feature to adjust the weight of containers, a large LCD display screen, a countdown timer and three different alarm modes.

You can get the weight measures in different units including pounds, ounces, kilograms and grams. The automatic turn-off feature of the scale is very useful for preserving battery life. With a sleek design and elegant chrome finish, this is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

If you are looking for a kitchen scale that can measure a lot more than just the weight of the ingredients, the Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale is the right option for you. The scale can measure the amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, sugar, cholesterol, sodium, sugar and saturated fat in the item being weighed.

The in-built database of the scale includes information about 1,999 foods and you can add further 99 food entries to it. It can easily weight up to 72 ounces of weight, providing measurements with an incremental value of 1 gram. According to many kitchen scales reviews, this is the best nutrition scale for those who like to keep a closer check on their calorie intake.

Taylor Precision Products Mechanical Kitchen Scale

If you are looking for a simple mechanical scale, the award-winning Retro Mechanical scale by Taylor Precision Products is your best pick. According to kitchen scales reviews, this scale is a seamless fit in any kitchen that provides completely accurate readings. The easy-to-read large 5” dial display is topped with a 1.5 quart mixing bowl made from stainless steel that is dishwasher safe.

This scale can easily measure weight up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms with graduation increments of 1 ounce or 20 grams. With the 2-year Taylor Precision Products Warranty, this is one of the best mechanical scales you can get for your kitchen.

If you go through different kitchen scales reviews in the market, you can see why these three are among the best kitchen scales available in their respective categories today.


Top 3 Best Digital Food Scale that you can find

Digital Food Scale Reviewed

If you need a small and compact digital food scale that you can keep in your kitchen for precise heightening, you can easily find affordable options. These digital food scales are quite a good choice for measuring small quantities of ingredients accurately while taking up a small space on your kitchen counter.

For those who are more conscious about the calories they can have in every meal, there scales that even offer complete nutritional and calorie count of the ingredients measured. If you are planning to get a scale that fits all your needs, here is a review of three best food scales that we could find.

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Scale

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Scale

The first in our top 3 digital food scale is the EatSmart Precision Pro. This easy-to-use and compact scale can measure quantities up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms. The readings are available in different units including pounds, kilograms, ounces and grams while the nearest incremental values offered are .05 ounces and 1 gram.

The scale comes with two AAA batteries and a complete Satisfaction Guarantee by EatSmart. The scale also features the tare function, which allows you to measure the weight of ingredients but not the weight of a container automatically. Simple, small and sleek, this is an ideal scale that can be used in your kitchen anytime you want.

Ozeri Pronto Multifunctional Kitchen Digital Food Scale


Ozeri Pronto Digital Food Scale

Another one of the best food scales available in the market is the Pronto Digital Scale by Ozeri. This scale can measure quantities up to 11 pounds and use precision technology to give the most accurate results up to an increment of 0.05 ounces. The measuring units supported by the scale include pounds, kilograms, ounces and grams.

The enlarged weighing platform of this scale features an elegant chrome finish. In addition, the tare function of the scale allows you to take measurements of ingredients without accounting for the weight of container. The Pronto comes with two additional AAA batteries while it is covered by Ozeri’s one-year No Hassle Warranty.

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

For those who like to keep a closer check on their calories intake, one of the best food scales to consider is the Digital Nutrition Scale by Kitrics. This scale offers a complete count of calories including fats, protein, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sugar, fiber, sodium and saturated fats.

Its in-built memory has information on 1,999 food items recorded while you can add up to 99 customised food items to this list on your own. The scale can measure up to 72 ounces of weight with the accurate incremental degree to the nearest 1 gram. For those who need to keep their calories in control for health reasons, this is an ideal scale for their kitchen.

Any of these food scales can turn out to be a perfect addition to your kitchen, ensuring that all your recipes are made perfectly, you get to eat controlled portions and you stay on top of your health.